Tips to Cut Your Moving Costs

Moving can be expensive whether you are moving across town or to another state. The best way to cut your moving costs is to do the relocation yourself but there are times when hiring professional residential movers would be the best alternative. Although doing it yourself would be cheaper it would also be more tiring and time consuming. If moving it yourself is not an option and you have to hire a professional moving company there are still ways that you can cut costs. That way is to employ certain ways to pack and hire a mover.

It is a fact that many people are hoarders of things that they should throw away, sell, or give away such as a crib that is no longer needed, or clothes they no longer wear. There is no point in packing things you have no use for. Taking it with you will just clutter your new place by taking up valuable space.

If you have any furniture items like beds, tables, sofas, bookshelves, etc that you can dismantle do it yourself. Being dismantled will take up less space in the moving van. When you get it to your new place reassemble it yourself. This will save money even if you hire a professional mover because the movers do not have to do it. If you can do it yourself pack all the things you are taking with you but make sure that you are marking each box clearly with what is in it. If you have a moving service moving your stuff have them put all the boxes in one room instead of putting them in the room they are designated for. Doing this will also save you money as it takes less time for the crew to get the job finished.

Many families with children try to move from mid-June to mid-August when the children are on summer break. Unfortunately this time is considered peak season and the rates to use a professional moving service are sky-high. If possible try to move during the children’s winter break. You should also try to move during the middle of the month. Moving at the beginning or end of the month has higher rates.

If hiring a residential moving service comparison shop to make sure that you are not only getting a reputable mover but also the best deal. When talking to them ask if they offer any discounts. Ask at your local businesses for packing boxes can also save you money. When moving for a job see if the company offers moving reimbursement.

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