Five Best Free Apps To Ease Stress On Your Move Day

Moving can be too overwhelming for you to handle all by yourself; from packing to dealing with the paperwork, it can turn out to be a hassle. The good news is that it can be made tolerable and stress free using various mobile applications. As you find your professional mover, get moving boxes and the necessary paperwork ready, know some moving apps you can find in your app store and the android market to help you move.

My Move app

The My Move app is a free app designed for helping you find the ideal movers and help you organize the big day effectively. Among the features of the 1.2 version is a customizable moving checklist, moving notes, a distance calculator a cost estimator, and reviews on moving companies among other features.

Moving Day

Moving Day is one of the best relocating apps out in the market. It seeks to make sure that your moving day is well organized as well as in control. This application comes in handy with bar code scanning that is inbuilt as well as label making capabilities. Ideally, it helps you to come up with bar codes, print them then mask them to your boxes. You can also be able to take a glimpse of all the boxes in which you have packaged your items and find out if any of them is missing after the move.

Moving Guru app

This application takes you through every stage of your move. It alleviates moving stress by creating for you a complete checklist, the best moving tips, moving estimates and much more. Available for your iPhone as well as your BlackBerry, it also has a glossary moving terminology alongside video tutorials to aid your moving.

Move match

Available for your Android platform, this app helps in determining the total weight of all the items you are planning to move whilst creating foolproof list, which you can send to professional moving companies directing them on where best to drop off all your boxes.

Zillow app

This app eases your search for a new home in your preferred place. It is easy to use considering the fact that it uses Google maps. The menus in this app are designed with your moving needs and priorities in mind. Using it reveals the best homes on sale in your area, payment options as well as payment plans that suit your needs. This app is grounded on real estate database listings in the USA.

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