Easy Way To Make Home Cleaning Products

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You will find that making a cleanser is extremely cheap as well as quite easy. The best thing by making such a product is that you will be a person who is environmental friendly as it reduces the waste that is better for the environment. Here is a solution to make such a cleaner.

First you need to do is to unscrew the spray head from an unused 24 ounce spray bottle. Then remove the spray head from the bottle and add drops of Dawn dish detergent into the spray bottle so that you can add approximately 24 ounces of cold water into the spray bottle. Then insert the spray head into the bottle properly. Make sure that you screw the spray head onto the bottle this will ensure that it mounted securely.

You need to gently shake the bottle to ensure that the mixture is blended properly. Take a clean terry cloth rag and fold it in half and in half once again. Then spray the homemade cleaner onto glass or mirror that you want to clean. The best thing when you want to clean a glass or a mirror is to clean one section at a time. Make sure that you buff the sprayed area with your folded terry cloth rag five times in clockwise circular motion. Then you flip the rag to the dry side and buff the same area again five times using a counterclockwise motion. Now focus on one area at a time and continue buffing the area till you see that the section is shining.

When you find that the area is shining then you can then move onto the next section of the mirror and glass. If you find that the shine is not enough for you then continue alternating buffing motions and flip the terry cloth rag. Also repeat the circular buffing motions by flipping the cloth rag to clean the entire surface.

When you use cloth I would suggest that you use a clean terry cloth rag that has not been used to clean with furniture polish or any other greasy substances. In this article I am emphaising on buffing motions as the use of alternating motions ensures that the glass surface will glisten. Make sure that you do not mix chemicals and never mix bleach with any other chemicals. The homemade cleaner is meant to use for cleaning of glass and mirrors because using it on any other surface can damage the surface.

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