Decorating in Traditional Style

Traditional style remains one of the most popular styles for home decorating. One of the reasons why decorating in traditional style is favored by so many people not only because of the ready availability of traditional style furniture and decor in department stores but also because of the understated elegance implied in the design. No longer does traditional mean your grandmother’s furniture though. As this particular style continues to evolve, traditional is becoming more relaxed with fresh takes on traditional favorites. The stark formality that was ever present in the older traditional style has now been replaced with a relaxed, casual elegance that retains a livable feel.

For starters, more contemporary traditional interior decor tends to favor softer colors over the older traditional palette which featured jewel tones and gold and silver accents. Softer colors give a more relaxed ambiance in a society where families don’t often all gather in the dining room for dinner everyday. Pairing treasured antiques with newer traditional pieces can create a nice contrast and enhance the traditional look. For example, a heirloom dining table could be paired with a more modern traditional dinnerware set or an antique sofa could be reupholstered.

The fabrics you choose for drapery, furniture upholstery, and accent pieces can do much to add to the traditional feel. While fabrics and textures don’t need to match perfectly they do need to work well together and be durable enough to withstand regular use. In a living room or dining room consider using a large area rug to pull all the different colors together. Since these areas are usually high traffic consider choosing an area rug made of a very durable material or putting a rug pad underneath the rug. Synthetics are usually the best material for area rugs in high-traffic areas.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum because when they are overdone the room ends up looking cluttered. When choosing accessories remember they don’t all have to be strictly traditional. A piece pulled from a different design style can easily be integrated into the traditional style and may even enhance it.

Bedrooms usually contain quite a few pieces of furniture and a matching set of traditional bedroom pieces can form a nice foundation for decorating the rest of the room. A bed frame, chest of drawers, and nightstands make up a good basic set of furniture for a bedroom. These can be accented by soft pastel sheet sets and muted lighting.

Dining room tables and chairs are available in a variety of patterns and styles that fit in with the traditional interior decorating style. Oval and rectangular tables surrounded by Queen Anne or Chippendale styled arm and side chairs will evoke a thoroughly traditional feel. Several furniture stores also offer many options for storage space that keeps with the traditional interior design theme. Wooden china cabinets with finial motifs and sideboards with graceful carvings all evoke traditional style elements.

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