Basic Home Cleaning How To’s

An old friend that I have not seen in years contacted me and said she and her new husband are in my area and would love to see me. The house is in shambles and I must get ready. Of course I panicked and could not think of anyone to come at a short notice to get the house ready, so I had to get to work.

What is next?

Well for starters sweep the front stairs and remove all dirt from the door. Next into the kitchen, scrub the sink till it sparkles, clear counters of all clutter with just a few props like the canisters, a scented candle, soy if possible. And remove all fingerprints off of the refrigerator doors. Wash the floor. The living room or den should be neat and magazines placed in a basket next to the reading chair. Furniture placed neatly and the wood furniture polished.

Next the bathrooms sink cleaned to sparkle, a fresh bar of soap, and a fresh pretty towel. NOT the one that has been hanging all week. All bedroom doors must be closed if the beds are not made.

But it is always a good idea to have them made as there is always one person who just wants to take a peek. The back entrance should be cleared of all clutter as well as washing the floor and removing the extra coats and boots. Next take a walk through the house to see if all looks good as if you were the company coming.

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